Sashimi&Fresh Seafood   さしみ

Salmon Sashimi    (GF)

7 pieces/12 pieces   17/28

Yellow Fin Tuna Sashimi (GF)

7 pieces/12 pieces   17/28

Kingfish Sashimi    (GF)

7 pieces/12 pieces   19/30

Assorted Sashimi    (GF)

12 pieces/ 24 pieces   28/49


Aburi Salmon Carpaccio

Seared sliced salmon, homemade ponz, truffle oil, shallots, shredded chili, red onion            21

Kingfish Carpaccio

homemade soy dressing, truffle oil, sliced chilli, yuzukoshou chilli paste     26

Nibbles  とりあえず

Edamame Beans  (GF)(V)

Salted soybeans in their pods       5.5

Zucchini Chips   (V)

Beer battered zucchini chips      6

Lenkon Chips (GF)(V)

Crispy lotus root chips, garlic herb salt     5.5

Wakame salad (V)

Shredded wakame-seaweed, sesame oil, chili, soy sauce   4

Wedge Chips

Garlic herb salt, homemade harissa,mayo     7

Sumiyaki Skewers Char Grilled  やきとり

                              2 skeweres per serve

Momo Kushi

Traditional Japanese style chicken thigh yakitori skewers,

tare sauce      9

Pilikara Momo

Chicken thigh w/homemade Japanese harissa   9

Negi Momo

Chicken thigh w/ shallot sauce    9


Black Angus Beef

Angus beef with tare sauce   13

Haloumi Cheese

with tare sauce   9

Assorted Skewers

chiciken thigh, spicy chicken, black angus beef, haloumi cheese and tsukune    25

Salad  サラダ

Seared Salmon Salad (GF)

mix leaf, avocado, cherry tomato, carrot, edamame with homemade spicy soy dressing               18.5                                    

Fresh Seafood Salad (GF)

Marinated fresh salmon and tuna, prawn, avocado, cherry tomato, sesame soy dressing, wakame seaweed                           24

Steamed Vegetable (GF) 

Steamed seasonal veges, anchovy garlic sauce    15

Traditional Japanese Tapas 一品料理

Salmon Miso Grill (GF)

Grilled-miso marinade salmon, crispy skin, pickle

      fried beans                                                               19

Spicy Tofu Sizzling Plate

teppanyaki (stir-fried) vegetables and deep fried tofu  15

Spicy Beef Sizzling Plate

Teppanyaki beef and vegetables  24

Ninja Chicken Wing    5pcs

Deep fried crispy chicken wing marinated w/soy, miso, mirin, honey, sesame seeds                                                      12.5

Arancini Balls 3pcs

Crispy rice balls w/parmesan, crispy bacon,

homemade ketchap                          9.5


Osaka's traditional cabbage fritter, crisp,

bonito flakes, red ginger                    11.5

Tori Kala

Traditional Japanese style deep fried chicken pieces marinated with                Shio malt and garlic.                      3 different sauces     10.5                         

Agedashi Tofu

Fried tofu immersed in dashi broth, ginger,

shredded noli, shallots                  9.5

Prawn Tartare

Crispy prawn w/special tartare sauce in crispy wonton cups, cherry tomato, sunflower seeds, avocado                       15

Gyoza Dumpling      5pcs

w/ homemade harissa, shredded chili,bean sprout salad     12.5

Grilled Scallops   3pcs

Grilled scallops w/homemade miso sauce     14.5

Seafood Garlic Pot w/Bread

Prawn and octopus in garlic oil with crispy breads    19.5

Wagyu Beef Tataki

sous vide seared Wagyu beef, homemade ponz,

garlic anchovy sauce                          23

Sushi   すし

California roll

Prawn, avocado, cucumber, tobiko fish roe (GF)                        16

Salmon Avocado Roll  (GF)

           Prawn, avocado, cucmber, fresh salmon                 19

Spicy Prawn Crunchy Roll  (GF)      

Prawn, avocado, cuucmber, mayo,  teriyaki and spicy sauce            16

Gohan   ごはん

Miso Risotto (GF)

Truffle oil, lumpfish roe, mozzarella                        12.5

Japanese curry and Rice or Bread

My mom's chicken curry                                  21

Miso Soup  (GF) (V)

                      Tofu,seaweed,shallots                       2.5

Dolce  デザート

Cassis Apple Spring Rolls w/ Houjicja Ice cream

Crispy apple rolls, berry sauce w/ houjicha Ice cream    11

Yuzu Sorbet     7

Houjicja Ice Cream   3.5

Tea  おちゃ

               Green Tea Pot                                          5

                Houjicha Tea Pot Roasted green tea               5

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